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"Ultrabodies" is a project about that apparent self-acceptance that is
accomplished only when we end to become totally unrecognizable,
even to ourselves. If, on one side, this project can be frivolous
regarding its pure form, it is actually the rawest and most painful one
on its message side. Behind those funny and cute faces, digitally
manipulated and distorted until they became unrecognizable, you can
find the weaknesses of a woman who is not able to accept herself as
she is, as well as a society that craves for reaching beauty but loses its
true meaning. Everyday I see over-manipulated images on the
internet: soothed faces in a manner that skin pores are erased and so
such surfaces resemble plastic, like dolls. Polymers dyed with airbrush.

PUBLICATIONS: her photographs have been published in diverse magazines, among which Vogue Italia, L'Oeil de la Photographie, FotoCult, Panorama, Kaltblut, Image in progress, Get Inspired Magazine, and others.
CLIENTS: Vogue Italia, Battistoni Haute Couture, Mondadori, Elite Model Look, Feltrinelli.
EXPOSITIONS: Her photographs have been exposed in diverse galeries and events, among which it is particularly worth noting the Leica Gallery in Milan.
LECTURES: She held a seminar lecture at Rome Fine Arts Academy
She is represented by PICA, in PRC.

Awards PRIZES awarded in 2016:
Winner as “New Talent of the Year” at MIFA 2016 (Moscow International Photography Awards) with “Analysis” series;
First prize in “self-portrait” category at IPA 2016 (International Photography Awards) with “I'm” series;
Second prize in the three categories “collage”, “self-portrait” and “portrait” at TIFA 2016 (Tokyo International Photography Awards); honourable mention at PX3 2016 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) with single image “Copper and Gold”;
honourable mention at TIFA 2016 with single image “Princess”.
PRIZES awarded in 2017:
First Prize in Enhanced-Fine Art category for the entry entitled " Ultrabodies " at PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris).
Second Prize in Fine Art category for the entry entitled, " Ultrabodies " at PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris).