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  • Prize
    Gold in Book Proposal (Series Only)/People, Silver in Fine Art/People, 1st Place winner in Book Proposal (Series Only)
  • Photographer
    Tannaz Telikany, Iran

These series of pictures depict how society forces middle eastern women to wear veils and cover their body (Hijab) against their personal will and believes. Women are generally expected to conform to social and religious norms both in behavior and looks. Ironically however, the boundary between nudity and Hijab is only a thin layer of cloth
that can be easy removed. Here the movement against Hijab is pictured. Such stereotype can be confronted by a revolutionary woman who can act and independently and present herself with freedom. New generations should become confident that with their help, woman would be what she was born to be.... FREE AND INDEPENDENT!

Awards I born and raise in Iran,Having a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, I'm getting my AA in photography. I won couple of photography competitions including second place in event and wedding section and honorable mentions in IPA 2016 (International Photography Award ): 1-People:Portrait 2-Event: Tradition and culture 3-Fine art:Other 4-People: Portrait and first place of portraiture in Naser Khosro competition 2013 in Iran.