/ 2017 / Fine Art /

Silence in Synesthesia

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Abstract, 3rd Place winner in Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Wen Hang Lin, United States
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Our conception of the reality around us is a continuous act of layering
moments of experience. Yet, the sense of the moment is a fluid
concept. What we see as real is only defined by our belief structure.
Have we ever wondered, what if time can arbitrarily weave together
one to another, what will it change our perception of the moment? To
create this project, images are blindly overlapping in-camera by
rewinding the film after exposed. Through an entangled web of
intended actions and unintended instances, the act of photography
has transformed into a theatrical encounter, playing in the present and
using the moment. It is also a silent conversation riff off between two
realities, probing the other sides of probability and provoking the
visual senses.

Wen Hang Lin was born and raised in Taiwan. He uses the camera to express his curiosity and to explore the conceptual context of his daily life. His works were in numerous exhibitions throughout the US. Wen earned his B.F.A. at Arizona State University and M.F.A. at The Ohio State University. He currently has worked in the arts in Phoenix, Ariz.