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ghost sits in the memory

Light, scent, humidity.... Certain things brings us back to the
good old memory in a second. Like a breeze which contains
some kind of grassy smell brings me back to my childhood with
friends at our secret base. I call such essences "ghost."
These images are such fragments of memories that brings us
back to the good old days.

I used the method of Wet plate Collodion for this series because
the rawness and the unevenness helps conceal the "ghost" in the
image and emphasize the atmosphere.

All images are made with 18x24cm ambrotype.

Born in Japan,1976.
Studied photography in San Francisco.
Now, live and work in Tokyo as a freelance photo-artist.

Awards 2013 IPA International Photo Awards - 1st Place in Fine Art / Professional
2015 PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAFIE PARIS - Gold Prize in Fine Art / Professional
2017 PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAFIE PARIS - Bronze Prize in Fine Art / professional