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Nature & Culture

This photographic series pays homage to the human calligraphic's culture,
an heritage to the inspirating Nature all around us.

In recent years, I undertook a deep research to illustrate and highlight not
only the beauty but also the duality between nature and culture,
both in the different styles of writing as their evolution over time.

Choosing a cursive Chinese calligraphy came to me not only because of his
seniority, estimated dates from ± 5000 years, but also by its cursive style
'Caoshu' also called 'grass style'. From this, what better could be required
to join the natural herbs shapes their movements in the wind.

Within this photographic series, a Coashu style calligraphy is integrated
with grass shadows on the snow. Within each photograph, Caoshu style
calligraphy is integrated which is the title of the photograph.

Yvon Jolivet is an artist photographer from Quebec (Canada).

Since 2016, He received numerous international awards, including a Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in Fine Arts and Abstract. His photographs have been exhibited in several art exhibitions in various countries (Greece, Italy, Canada, United States, Romania, Spain, England, etc.).

Yvon Jolivet is a professsional member of RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec) and CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation).

Awards Most recent;
International Color Awards, Nominee in Fine Art, 2023 (USA)
International Color Awards, Nominee in Abstract, 2023 (USA)
Artist Space Gallery, (2) Awards Winner, in Animal Art Exhibition, 2023 (USA)
FAPA - Fine Art Photography Awards, Series, Nominee in Abstract, 2023 (UK)
FAPA - Fine Art Photography Awards, (1) Nominee in Abstract, 2023 (UK)
Art Room Contemporary Art Gallery, (2) finalists in Abstract 2023 (USA)
Grey Cube Gallery, Merit Award, in Abstract, 2023 (USA)
Wild Photo Awards, Runer-Up, in Wild life, 2023 (England)
TIFA, Tokyo International Foto Awards, (2) Official Selection, Fineart & Nature, 2022 (Japan)
CamelBack Gallery, Finalist Award, 2022 (USA)
BIFA (Budapest Inernational Foto Awards), Honorable mention, 2022 (Hungary)
IPA, International Phography Awards, Official Selection, 2022 (USA).
J. Mane Gallery, Honorable Mention, july 2022 (USA)
MIFA - Moscow International Foto Awards, Gold Award, Category: Fine Art. 2022 (URSS)
Camelback Gallery, Bronze Award, June 2022 (USA)
Grey Cube Gallery, Honorable mention, April 2022
International Color Awards, Nominees in abstract & Fine Art, 2022, (USA)
Light Space Time (LST), Special recognition in Abstract, Art Exhibition 2022 (USA)
APA (Annual Photography Awards), Honorable mention, Abstract, ( 2021) (UK)
TIFA: Tokyo International Foto Awards, Selection offical; Fine Art-Abstract 2021 (Japan)
Black & White Spider Awards, (2) Nominees, 2021 (USA)
IPA - International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention, 2021 (USA)
Art Room, Contemporary Art Gallery, (3) Merit Awards 2021 (USA)
MIFA – Moscow International Foto Awards, Honorable Mention 2021 (URSS)
7th Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA), (2) Nominees in Abstract, 2021 (England)
14th International Color Awards, Nominee in Wildlife, 2021 (USA)
Chromatic Photography Awards (UK), Honorable mention in Abstract 2020 (UK)
Black & White Spider Awards, (4) Nominees, in Still Life-Fine Art & Nature, 2020 (USA)