/ 2017 / Fine Art / Still Life

The spoon, fork, knife = flowers

I have created these unusual flowers from the most ordinary
objects: plastic forks, knives and spoons. Has photographed them
so that to show beauty, and also to set the viewer thinking that it
and as it is made. Fine eternal flowers have turned out, and they
can save live. Don't throw out plastic objects, they kill all live,
create beauty from plastic or give for processing for recycling.

Photographer working in such styles as digital-art (fine-art) and abstract-art, the work is the embodiment of surrealistic fantasies and abstract perception of objects, emotions captured on paper. She has formed her own unique and recognizable author's style, her works have received many awards and are successfully exhibited in Europe and Russia.

Awards photographer, winner and laureate of the competitions of IPA (Russia), IPA (USA), MIFA (Russia), TIFA (Japan), LICC (UK), ICA (USA), FAPA (USA), BWSA (USA), P?3 (France), SIENA, Monochrome Awards ONE EYELAND PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, a participant of Russian and foreign art exhibitions. A graduate of the school VGIK in the class of "photo" and "art picture, workshop N.K. Zholudev.