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Conversations (2014 - Ongoing)

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Christos J. Palios
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Food provides social and nutritional sustenance and communicates status in entertainment. A shared meal can designate cultural implications, offer windows into tradition, and speaks to identities. This series represents my intrigue with how our personal electronic devices have seamlessly modified our communal dining experience. Their portability has enabled the entire world to exist in our pocket, ringing and vibrating with urgency in an always-connected era of instant gratification. Although on the surface the distracting pull of our devices can seem disconcerting, they don’t entirely impede our ability to genuinely be in the moment. As tools, they serve to reinforce our conversations, facilitate planning, and augment shared experiences. This dichotomy is particularly tested among a setting as intimate and time-honored as the dinner table. These anecdotal images are captured from vivid moments shared with family, friends, and acquaintances in Greece and America.

**Archival pigment prints (30x21", 45x31", 60x40").

I was raised as a first-generation Greek-American; these two distinct cultures forged my personal perspectives. Socioeconomics, cultural diversity, history, & architecture fuel my intellectual & emotional intrigue, while informing my creative process. My work probes themes of identity, connection, nostalgia & isolation. I have exhibited my work locally & nationally. Venues include Blue Sky Gallery, Baltimore Museum of Art & the Grimaldis Gallery, Candela Gallery, Klompching Gallery’s “Fresh”, & the HCP. My work also resides in several private and corporate collections nationwide.

Awards 2018
Finalist, Critical Mass Finalist
Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece

2nd Place, International Photography Awards (Lucie Foundation), Still Life
Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece
Silver Award in Fine-Art, Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3), From the series "Conversations"
Semi-Finalist, Trawrick Prize
Finalist, PCNW 21st Annual Juried Photography Exhibition (Curated by Sandra Phillips, SFMoMA)

3rd Place, 1st Edition Winner, Photography Grant, London, UK 
Finalist, Sondheim Prize, Exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art 
Finalist, Annual Summer Show 'Fresh' (Online Showcase/Catalog), Klompching Gallery
Semi-Finalist, Trawrick Prize