/ 2017 / Fine Art / Still Life

Private Impact

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Radina Droumeva, Canada

The Private Impact series poses the tough question of taking
responsibility for our individual impact on environmental change.
The works are created by digitally collaging together individual
photographs of body parts of a single individual. The full series
offers creations depicting visual symbolism touching on flora,
fauna, and consumerism. Elements are combined using a mix of
dark and light versions of the body parts, representative of the
positive and negative effects made on our environment by our
personal choices.

Radina is a mathematician turned photographic artist, residing in the small community of Ladner, BC, Canada. Her work is a study of the imagination. She photographs natural elements, such as driftwood, deer antlers, and even human parts, and combines them into new creations using an intuition-guided approach. She avoids setting restrictions on her creativity by staying away from preconceived final results for her series, and rather guides her creations into completion using intuition. This approach allows for stretching perceptions, exercising the imagination, and enhancing connection with nature and self. She draws inspiration from nature, psychology, and scientific research methods she used in her mathematical modelling career.

Awards Fine Art Photography Awards: Nominee award in conceptual photography for series, 2016
Fine Art Photography Awards: Nominee award in conceptual photography for single entry, 2016
Monochrome Photography Awards: Honourable mention award in the professional category of conceptual photography, 2016
ND Awards: Honourable mention award in conceptual fine art photography, 2016
Granville Island Cultural Society: Art in the Venues, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2017 [forthcoming June 12 - Aug. 15 2017]
North Vancouver Community Arts Council, Art Rental Collection, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2017 [forthcoming Jan. 2017]
Black Box Gallery Photo Shoot 2016 collection, Portland, OR, USA, 2016
Conception Arts Exhibit, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016