/ 2017 / Fine Art / Landscape

The Chosen Ones

The search for interaction between humans and animals has always been something that
interests me. My thought came to Holy animals a couple of years ago and how they are
accepted to live among us and found that intriguing. Holy animals are selected by us,
selected and considered to be special. But not without being exploited in some way. The
meeting with them, their surroundings and how their lives are in our presence is what I seek.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1978. I graduated from GFU
(folkuniveritetet), Stockholm 2004, before furthering my studies at Fotoskolan STHLM where I graduated in 2006.

I am a melancholy Artist, interested in nature in all its form, both from the countryside and city. My photographic style consist of roughness, contrasts, beauty and environmental content.

I grew up close to a 4H farm, where my mom worked, at the outskirts of Stockholm/Sweden and not too far from where I now have my home. Here I find the contrasts of the city and the country life that I need to create.

Awards Awards:

TIFA 2018, Honorable Mention Winner – Science-Environment (Professional) -The Chosen Ones 2
PX3 2017, Bronze winner in category Fine Art/Landscape, Professional, WWW.PX3.FR -The Chosen Ones
IPA 2016, Honorable Mention – Editorial : Environmental Category (Professional) -The Chosen Ones
IPA 2016, Honorable Mention – Nature : Wildlife Category (Professional) -The Chosen Ones
TIFA 2016, Honorable Mention Winner – Book Fine-Art Catagory (Professional) -The Chosen Ones
MIFA 2016, Honorable Mention Winner – Fine-Art Landscape Catagory (Professional) -The Chosen Ones


2016 Groupshow at Fotografiska (The Autumn Salon), with my project The Chosen ones, Stockholm
xxxx Photo LA art fair, showing De Utvalda / The Chosen Ones with (MOPLA), Los Angeles
xxxx Groupshow with The Lucie Foundation at Santa Monica Art Studios, Los Angeles
2013 Daniel Wahlberg at Jakobsbergs Art gallery, Stockholm
2011 Machines in colour at Casino Cosmopol, Stockholm
2008 Groupshow, 320 kvadrat at Allmäna galleriet, Stockholm
xxxx Groupshow, End Exhibition at Bruno gallerian, Stockholm
2007 Groupshow, Julexpo at Centrum för fotografi, Stockholm
xxxx Tribute at Hotel Columbus, Stockholm
2006 Groupshow, Julexpo at Centrum för fotografi, Stockholm
xxxx Groupshow, Vårsalongen at Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
xxxx Groupshow, Grand Finale at Fotografins Hus, Stockholm
2005 Groupshow, Fotoskolan I Sthlm at Fotografins Hus, Stockholm
xxxx Groupshow, Gröna Linjen at Fotografins Hus, Stockholm
2004 4H at Jakobsbergs Art gallery, Stockholm
2003 GFU:s End exhibition at Galleri Hagman, Stockholm