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Hidden Faces

This is a series I created for my photography studies at Fotoakademie
Cologne. It was a so called free project where we were completeely
free to do wahtever we wanted. My first idea was completely different
but then I started to take pictures of myself, since I don´t like pictures
from myself, I hid my face and from there created other images.

After an apprenticeship in logistics, Nora Hase, born and raised in Berlin, initially worked in project management for years. Having moved to Cologne in 2008, she ditched her career in 2015, went on a 12 month sabbatical and started studying photography at the “Fotoakademie Koeln” - the photographic academy in Cologne. While loving photography since her early years when her grandfather showed her the first steps, she re-discovered the subject during her studies. During this time she developed a special interest for elaborately staged portraits, especially in fashion photography. The recurring

Awards IPA 2018
Mifa 2019