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This work uses x-rays to explore the micro-evolution of cameras and is
a metaphor about the limits of evolution. Form and media may have
changed, but the camera is still a camera: a tool to create images by
capturing light. Today’s digital cameras look and operate differently
than the first cameras of the nineteenth century, however the
essentials have not changed. The photographer points a contraption
with a lens towards the subject to encode its likeness on a storage
medium. While making these x-rays, I have been surprised and
astonished by what I found inside the cameras. This project is an
homage to the cameras I have owned, used, or handled. The tools of
the trade, having faithfully imaged for decades, have themselves been
imaged. The resulting images align with an inner desire to probe those unseen spaces and realms I sense exist, but do not observe with my eyes.

Kent Krugh is a gardener and a medical physicist whose attraction to photography includes and extends beyond the visible spectrum. Describing himself as â??by nature inquisitive and experimental,â?? Krugh produces work employing a variety of mechanical and chemical processes and devices in search of images which sustain him. From sensitive, black and white scenes shot through a salvaged Brownie viewfinder, and coffee-toned, hybrid visible light/x-ray images, Krughâ??s photographs celebrate the mystery and majesty of both the natural and man made worlds.

Awards Kent Krugh is a fine art photographer, living and working in Cincinnati, OH. Krugh has been featured in numerous exhibitions both national and international, at Cincinnati galleries and art centers; the Houston Center for Photography, TX; the Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, CO; the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY; the Minneapolis Photo Center, MN; RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco, CA; in Guatemala City, Guatemala and Medellín, Colombia; and in three major festivals: the Fringe Festival in Cincinnati (2010); the FotoFest Biennal in Houston, TX (2012 and 2016); the FotoFocus Biennal (2012), Cincinnati, OH; and the Festival de la Luz (2016) Buenos Aires, Argentina . Krugh was a Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist in both 2012 and 2014. Krugh’s work is held in the collections of the Luz Austral Foundation, Buenos Aires; Cleveland Museum of Art, OH; the Portland Art Museum; the Cincinnati Art Museum; the Cleveland Institute of Art, OH; the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, OH; and the Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX.