/ 2017 / Fine Art / People_FA

My Muse

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Family, Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Jerad Armijo, United States

This series chronicles the years my husband and I have spent
together. Our journey began in high school and has blossomed
into a life long voyage.

Photographing him over nine years helped evolve my
photography into more complex compositions. I’ve
experimented with lighting methods and grown as a
photographer. He’s helped me cultivate my portraiture

I photograph him as I would photograph royalty. He is
perfection in my eyes, and using my camera, I accentuate my
adoration. I paint the photograph for the viewers the way I see
him – flawless.

I have lighting similarities of a chiaroscuro technique in my
portraiture. I emphasize harsh shadows to direct the viewer to
my subject and I’m precise with my exposure. The background
is just as important as the subject itself. I often use the
background to create lines, shapes, and contrasts of color to
create a focal point on my husband.

I started photography in high school. I was taught photography by using strictly film for my first years of photography. With that in mind I'm pretty focused on my exposure, and finding natural light. I shoot with intent, even though now I do use digital. My work is more natural, I do not care to use a lot of photoshop.

I love portrait photography. I use natural light in all of my portrait photography. I tend to focus on photographing people that I am close to rather than strangers. I love photographing my husband. He allows me to capture the essence of him. I try to paint him as beautiful as possible in my work.

I currently am a CAT scan technologist in a local hospital in Portland. When I'm not working in the hospital three days a week I am out and about shooting the great Pacific North West.

Awards -IPA honorable mention for portraiture -"The Creative Story" honorable mention -"Adventure Photo Contest" honorable mention in Portland Oregon (Prophotosupply)