/ 2017 / Fine Art / People_FA


  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Guen Fiore, Italy

Some kinds of stories don’t need words to be told, they need a
brief fragment of time, to unveil their secret, to unfold the time
and place they’re taking you to. And that melancholy, that
invades the scene, like thin dust on an old picture, that is
beauty. Don’t mind the stinging misery or dazzling stupor, the
lost innocence or the delicacy, the unbearable solitude or the
overwhelming lightness, anything that’s fragile and brief, that’s
slipping away as you’re looking at it, that’s a story. Mine talk
about utter freedom, the unsophisticated and truest kind. The
one that blossoms in simpler souls, clear like spring water, or in
dark spirits that run in madness. Mine talk about kindred ones,
and fearless love, times when there was no place for arrogant
ambitions, and wanting less, meant feeling more.

Guen Fiore is a 1988-born, Rome-based photographer and engineering student, specialized in creative and portrait photography.

As a child she showed a visual propensity, which has been growing ever since and brought her to self-learn and cultivate her interest in photography. 

Her path started in 2011, focusing from the very beginning on portraits. The research she pursues finds its centrality in the representation of the human figure. Not only can that be perceived in her personal projects, it also emerges from her professional works, especially in the fashion field, where her focus on the inner nature of the person is a true statement. 

Every subject is not merely captured, but rather revisited and transported into a story. The outcaming tale is made of subtle gestures, gazes, non-verbal elements that reach out and touch the observer's feelings and emotions. 

A vivid syncretism with filmmaking combined with story-telling, which empowers Guen's photography with great communicative potential and visual impact. 

In 2014 she was chosen by Vogue Italia for a collaboration between the magazine and Swatch on the occasion of Vogue Italia's 50th anniversary.  Since then her career has been taking off. She's been collaborating with outstanding brands and international magazines, alongside her personal projects, which she's been exposing both in Italy and abroad: in 2016 her work has been showcased in many different cities including Paris, London, Berlin, Chicago, Barcelona and Shanghai. Two of her pieces have been chosen to be exposed in 2017 as a part of the ''Month of photography Los Angeles group show''organized by the Lucie Foundation. 

Her work were published in several magazines and websites such as Vogue Italia Magazine, Vanity Fair, D La Repubblica, iGnant, Wall Street International, l'Oeil de la Photographie, and GQ; and awarded by prestigious competitions such as the International Photography Award, the Lens Culture Exposure Award, the Moscow Photo Award and Life Framer.