/ 2017 / Fine Art / Architecture_FA


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Won Young Ki, Korea, Republic of

People always affect me in diverse ways. When I spend some time
with a friend who is optimistic, I become quite optimistic; on the
other hand, when I hang out with a friend with a negative trait, I
become quite depressed and serious. People, therefore, are
important to me. One hobby I enjoy often is people watching.
People—even strangers—intrigue and interest me, inspiring to
take photos. My staying at a cafe is a part of my mundane life,
When I watch people in Seoul, South Korea, I realize that they are
simply busy; I become quite anxious after observing those people
who rush to their different destinations. All these people who
influence and inspire me to create the work of art are protected
and spend a lot of time in different buildings. My works often
involve buildings, consequently. Buildings that house people are
meaningful just as people are to me.