/ 2017 / Fine Art / Abstract

Kinetic Umbra

  • Prize
    Silver in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Other, Gold in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Arthur Grau and Marta Czajkowska, United States

We believe that by capturing the movement of yoga asana in time
and space, we develop our understanding of the essence of the
practice. We aspire to move the viewer and ourselves as artists
closer toward union with our body’s ultimate principles and
presence in space.

Our existing project, Kinetic Umbra uses the human form captured
on a single long exposure image to reveal hidden organic
geometry and elemental shapes. We photographed complex yoga
sequences to discover a unique signature left behind by each
movement series. One intention was to allow a viewer to discover
what organic shapes were revealed through the kinetic practice in
order to deepen and explore their own development as an
owner/practitioner of a body in space.

Awards 2017 - Forthcoming INPHA 5, Manifest Creative Research Center Publication, 2017 2016 – November. City of Boston, Group Show, Boston, MA 2016 – October. Uforge, Group Show, Boston, MA 2016 – July. “Electron Salon”, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, National juried group show, LA, CA 2016 – June. “Gravity”,Brookline Arts Center, National juried group show, Brookline, MA 2016 – Benko Studios, South Lake Tahoe, CA