/ 2017 / Portraiture / Self-Portrait

Wish You Were Here

A project of self-portraits belonging to a journey which began
during my first solo international trip.

These images were captured during moments of duress, where
there was a desire to recoup stability as I sought to explore my
identities in new and unfamiliar surroundings.

Wish You Were Here plays with the connection between
photographic evidence, presence and intimacy. They raise
questions about the broader nature of identity in one’s rapidly
changing environment. Nakedness and privacy is exposed in the
unfamiliar landscape, serving as a souvenir to the sudden
impulses of character, whether it be alone or with company, away
or at ‘home’.

Fiona Mackay was born in 1986 in Australian and currently lives in Paris. She began by photographing her sister and longterm muse before undertaking a Bachelor of Arts in Photography at RMIT University, Melbourne. During her post-graduate year she began seeking places devoid of human exchange. This is seen in the her series Psychopolis (2009), Continuous Temporality (2012) and Shallow Hours (2015). The subjects range from former mental asylums, empty retail shops, and an off-peak beachside. They are typically environments in a state of flux.