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This was made with one Studio Light and nothing else. We just wanted to create this mood
the model perfectly gave us.

But my path there was not a classic one. After compulsory school, I attended the School for Textile Chemistry and Environmental Technology. I dropped out to study music. Jazz. I financed my studies by working as a graphic designer and soon the agency I worked for wanted to employ me permanently. After two years I was project manager and after four years art director. I did that for 10 years and founded my own advertising agency. During this time I found my way to photography. In the meantime I was a single father and today I have a small studio. I need more space here ^^

Awards - Monovision "Portrait of the year 2017" 1st place
- px3 silver winner 2017
- some awards at viewbug
- some mentions at the trierenberg super circuit.
- Some awards at the http://portraitphotoawards.net/
- And some smaller awards too.
Usually I don't take part at awards since 2018. But 2022 I decided, that I want to give my works a bit more attention with px3 or maybe with some other competitions too.