/ 2017 / Portraiture / Personality

Transgender Youth

  • Prize
    Gold in Portraiture/Personality
  • Photographer
    Farida Lemeatrag, Belgium

In 2010 I’ve read an article about transman and immediately I was
fascinated by their story.
Two years later, as a student photographer, I started with my project
about transgenders. In the beginning it was very difficult. It took a very
long time before I could earn their trust and could take their portraits
With my portraits I heartly wish that more people look at the
youngsters and their transition without prejudice and learn more about
gender identity and the long way they have to go. I try to raise
awareness with the public and show them beautiful portraits with a

These youngsters struggle for years with their identity. They have to
overcome a lot of obstacles and disappointment with partner, parents
and family.
Years will follow with conversation and reflection at the psychologist
about the transition.
A period with many doubts about themselves and the definite

The last few years I made also contact with youngsters via the
transgender Belgium forum. The University hospital UZ Ghent
(Belgium) is well represented with a team who assists and supports
the youngsters. Nowadays, more and more organisations commite to
transgenders and their process.
I’ve made portrets of 40 gender youngsters so far.

sint lucas art school (photographie)

Awards 2014: Third prize International Photo Prida Award Amsterdam
2014: Foam Amsterdam group exhibitions (Pride Photo award winners)
2014: First prize Go Shoot It - Curieus (Belgium)
Showcase Antwerp (Belgium) Group photo exhibitions
Fotonale Brugge (Belgium)
Hommage Bozar 2016 group photo exhibitions
Fotonale Brugge (Belgium)

2015: www.Featureshoot.com -www.mic.com-www.whitezine.com
2016: Internazionale magazine (Italie)
2016: The Walrus magazine (Canada)
2016: Amnesty International magazine
2016: Shoot magazine Belgium