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Shadows of the past

Passionate about photography for a decade, I first witnessed the
extinction of the cultures I had always dreamt to encounter during
a trip to Asia.

Inspired by the work of anthropologists and explorers, I spend a
great deal of my free time travelling to some of the world's most
remote places to document the beauty of these vanishing cultures.

These trips are my attempt to understand human nature, and to
preserve its essence through photography before our world loses
its cultural diversity.

As a self-taught photographer, I strive to achieve the balance in
my endeavours between expressing creativity and preserving

I am a travel photographer whose work is to magnify the beauty of diversity in human cultures and nature.

Through deserts and jungles - I strive to create awareness about these vanishing wonders.

Inspired by the work of explorers, I have travelled in 40 countries to witness the beauty of diversity, from the crowded streets of Mumbai to the most remote villages in Africa.

My trips are an attempt to understand human nature and its environments, and to preserve the essence of their beauty through photography before the last traditional cultures and unspoiled spaces fade away.

Awards - Winner of Phototrend contest, Travel category, October 2018

- Winner of international "Shoot the Frame" contest, Wildlife category, November 2017

- Finalist of Wanderlust magazine "Travel Photo of the Year", 2016

- Finalist of Travel Photographer of the Year in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

- Finalist of international "Shoot the Frame" contest, in both Portrait and Wildlife categories, September 2016

- Prize Winner, Africa Geographic contest, 2016

- Prizewinner of 2015 Photo.fr contest, "The biggest world photo contest"

- Winner of international "Shoot the Frame" contest, Portrait category, November 2015

- National Geographic honorable mention for "Broken Dreams", August 2015

- National Geographic honorable mention for "The Enchanted", June 2015

- Prize winner of Photo.fr contest "Enfance et Joie en Asie", September 2014