/ 2017 / Portraiture / Culture

Indigenous Peoples are threadened by Climte Change

  • Prize
    Silver in Portraiture/Culture
  • Photographer
    Dorte Verner, Denmark

The existence of Indigenous Peoples across the globe are threatened by climate and other
changes. This project shed light the lives and livelihoods of indigenous peoples that are
the most depend on natural resources. The Inuits in Northern Canada, Mokens in Myanmar,
and Shipivo in Peru, all experience reduced fish in their waters as fish stocks are moving
to colder waters as the sea is warming. The livestock depended people such as the Karo in
Ethiopia and Qashqai in Iran can no longer use the traditional guidance of bird migration
decide when to move their animals for better pasture. Drought and water scarcity are
another factors threading indigenous peoples; the Kayan in Thailand already have less
water for their human and animal use than a decade ago.