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The Battle for Mosul

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Feature Story, Silver in Press/War, Silver in Press/Other
  • Photographer
    Gabriel Romero, United States

The Battle of Mosul began on October 16, 2016 with forces besieging Islamic State controlled areas in the Nineveh Governorate surrounding Mosul. The coalition forces fighting the Islamic State consist of elements of the Iraqi Army, Kurdish Peshmerga Forces, Shia Militias and US, French and British forces. Mosul fell to only 800 Islamic State fighters in June of 2014 due to the largely Sunni population's deep distrust of the primarily Shia Iraqi government. Since June of 2014 thousands of civilians have been killed and over 100,000 have been displaced.

Awards Gabriel Romero is a freelance photojournalist based in Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in local and international news in the areas of conflict, environmental, and humanitarian coverage. Gabriel is alumni of the 2011 Eddie Adams Workshop - Barnstorm XXIV, was honored with a gallery exhibit at FotoWeek DC and is a 2012 Alexia Foundation Scholar. His work can also be seen in the upcoming Communication Arts Photography Annual 53. Most recently, his work has focused on Middle Eastern and Latin American issues.