/ 2017 / Press / Political

The Forever War

  • Prize
    Silver in Press/Political
  • Photographer
    Douglas Diaz, United States

Since 2014, Peshmerga forces function as the main defense against
ISIS expansion in Iraq. At the moment, their fighters are preparing for
the massive offensive to retake the key city of Mosul, and tighten the
noose on Daesh morale. Even after two years of intense combat, they
stand poised on the front-lines ready to engage the enemy. A fearless
element, undaunted by an uncertain future; they understand their
position as noble sentries in the Middle East’s ongoing forever war.
This series of photos includes Kurdish positions near Bashiq and
Kirkuk, that hold a defensive line against ISIS. The desolate battle
space of no man’s land ranges from as far as 2 kilometers, to as close
as 800 meters at each position.

Awards 2016 IPA Winner: Event/Social Causes 1st. Place.