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Welcome to Pozzallo

  • Prize
    Bronze in Press/General News
  • Photographer
    Giovanni Salvaggio, Italy
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Pozzallo (Southeast Sicily) is one of the main ports hosting
migrants who cross the Mediterranean Sea.
The CPSA of the small port town - 20.000 inhabitants - is one
of the 3 Italian hotspots for migrants' identification. It's located
close to the seaport and its main aim is to separate economic
migrants from asylum seekers.
In 2016, with 56 landings, more than 18,000 migrants arrived
to this venue, which has a max capacity of 180 people.
The first medical visit and the temperature control are carried
out in a tent outside the center where migrants usually wait
barefoot regardless the weather conditions or the season.
Adults and unaccompanied minors are usually hosted in the
same building where there is a mattress every 2 squared meters.
Often migrants are waiting from 12 to 24 hours in the recovery
unit of Frontex, docked in the port. After that they moved to the
first available reception centre.

Born in Ragusa in 1979.
freelance photojournalist e creative director del brand Siculamente
Director of Inkivu Project, a multimedia channel that aims to sharing free information relating to the Great Lakes Area ( Kivu / DRC - Uganda - Rwanda) and to train young reporter for the production of photo - video material on site.

Awards IPA 2016 - Honorable Mention "Who does What - Portraits From North Kivu"
MIFA 2016 - Honorable Mention "Who does What - Portraits From North Kivu"
TIFA 2016 - 2nd Place category "Editorial-Conflict" NP - "HOLE of HOPE"