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White Souls

You can kill, you can steal, you can betray, but on Holy Friday in Sicily, all you need
is a white tunic to make you "pure".

Palagonia, is a small sicilian country, the Holy Week is particularly felt by its
population; four confraternities passed down from father to son an ancient
tradition that makes men all equal under the eyes of a dead Christ.

Into the crowd you can see saints and demons, you can see innocence and guilt,
the sacred and the profane. The strong sun of the noon shines the white tunics
and create a strong contrast with the faces burned by the sun of the fields. In the
silence you can see thousands souls speak with their eyes and their expressions...

And there, in the midday sun, you hear the lament of white and black souls that
slowly advancing, between shadows and lights of an old sicilian country.

Palagonia 04/14/2017

Awards • PX3 2022: Bronze in Press/Feature Story (36hours)
• PX3 2020: Bronze (Trust Me - Advertising/Self Promotion)
• PX3 2020: Bronze (10 days after there was only silence - Street Photography )
• PX3 2020: Honorable Mention Winner (Alter Ego)
• IPA 2020: Honorable Mention Winner (Trust Me - Advertising/Self Promotion)
• TIFA 2019: Silver (Trust Me - Advertising/Self Promotion)
• PX3 2018: Honorable Mention Winner (108 Years Later)
• PX3 2017: First Prize on category Press and General News series “White Soul”
• IPA 2017: Second Prize category Traditions and Cultures series “White Soul”
• IPA 2016: Honorable Mention Winner (About the human sense of God)
• FIIPA 2016: Honorable Mention Winner (cat. Street Photography)
• WSP 2016: Special Mention Winner (a few years later)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (Italian Summer)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (A Good Friday)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (Behind the scenes)
• IPA 2015: Honorable Mention Winner One Shot Competition (Home)
• PX3 2015: Honorable Mention Winner (Behind the scenes)
• WSP 2015: Special Mention Winner (About life)
• PX3 2014: Honorable Mention Winner (Passion)