/ 2017 / Book / Monograph

urban melancholy

I love the bridges, they have a strong symbolism. I like to keep the individual people
moving, the atmosphere is strengthened by the mist. Hamburg has almost 2,500 bridges and
is therefore the bridges-richest city in Europe. The most beautiful, in my opinion, are
here in this series ..

I started photographing in October 2015 and am still an enthusiastic beginner who has repeatedly discovered new pages of photography.

Awards - FAPA 2017 Cityscape 1ST PLACE WINNER (amateur)
- FAPA 2017 honorable metion in landscape (amateur)
- PX3 2017 Gold Prize 2017 in Book / Monograph
- MonoVisions Awards 2017 4x honorable mention
- 1x.com publishing in the year book "X" 2017
- IPA 2017 3rd Place in Architecture / Bridges
- ND Awards 2017 1st place in Architecture - Bridges
- ND Awards 2017 Discovery of The Year - Architecture
- ND Awards 2017 3x Honorable Mention in Fine Art - Photomanipulation, People - Other, Architecture - Bridges
- MONOCHROME AWARDS 2017 3rd Place Winner in Photomanipulation
- MONOCHROME AWARDS 2017 2x honorable mention in Fine Art, 1x honorable mention in people
- IPOTY 2017 3x honorable mention in Street (Amateur), Portrait (Amateur), Bridges (Amateur)
- 1x.com People's Choice Street winner 2017/18
- FAPA 2018 2x nominee with series "urban melancholy ll" in the category cityscape and "the squaring the circle" in the category street.
- TRIERENBERG 2018 Gold in the new category "ALL AROUND BREAD" with "summer loneliness"
- mifa 2018 Gold in Architecture-Bridges / 1st place winner in Architecture with "urban melancholy", honorable mention in Architecture-Buildings with "The Squaring of The Circle"