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The project explores the different faces of temptation, in the defining crossroad moments of life.

Merethe Wessel-Berg

Personal Narratives, Fine Art, Street Photography.

Curiosity is my main tool in photography and in life. To grab a moment and look at it in a subjective way. To add a different mood or chord, using the different visual languages of black and white. When the scene is shot, it is something that once existed, but perhaps more visible than ever. I want my photographs to be like questions. Like scenes from a movie. The immediate, the unguarded moments. The beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. The perfectness of what’s imperfect. The in-between moments.

Awards -The Print Swap Collection, Feature Shoot Magazine.
-Darkroom Gallery Master (U.S).
-Urban Photo Awards
-IPA International Photography Awards
-TIFA - Tokyo International Foto Awards
-MIFA - Moscow International Foto Awards
-Project-/ Exhibition Grant (2 times), The Norwegian Professional Photographer’s Fund/ Norske Fagfotografers Fond.
-Invited for Life Framer Collection, and portfolio account Lens Culture.
-The 9th Pollux Awards
-The 10th Pollux Awards
-Px3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris
-The 9th Julia Margaret Cameron Award
-The 10th Julia Margaret Cameron Award
-The International Street Photography Awards, StreetFoto San Francisco Festival.
-The 2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award.
-The Independent Photographer
-Nikonians Photography Awards
-IPA International Photography Awards Best of Show
-Lens Culture Street Photography Awards
-Project-/ Travel Grant, Jan Baashuus Jessens Scolarship (Norway).
-Gullsnitt, the Norwegian Annual Awards of Advertising Photography, Norway (5 Awards).
-Project-/ Equipment Scholarship, Libresse jentefond (Norway).
-Photographer of the Year 2002/ 2003 (Black & White Paper Print) and 2001/ 2002 and 2002/ 2003 (Colour Paper Print), Oslo Camera Club OKK (Norway).