/ 2017 / Book / Nature

Locusts & Men

  • Prize
    Silver in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Nature, Silver in Press/Nature/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Michele Martinelli, Italy

Oppression, interaction, collaboration.
In the life cycle of nature nothing is lost, but the coexistence of
different species is sometimes difficult.
In Madagascar periodically returns the archaic antagonism between
man and migratory locust, in a circle of life where the two species look
for space and food for their survival.
Accomplice deforestation, cropland are objective of swarms of locusts
flying covering billions skies and vegetation, destroying agricultural
production, human labor, grazing cattle, with the risk of causing
serious famine to the population.
Their survival instinct is the nourishment they need to live.
"By virtue of necessity," says a proverb, and the people of Madagascar
to replenish the limited menu captures the same locusts employing
hands and networks trapping enough for many meals discreetly
The event is seen with concern, but also in playful harmony with
nature on the one hand and takes away from the other offers.
Women and girls in the fields forward in the midst of whirling swarms
of locusts, and expertly run and spread nets trying to grab prey, men
follow them easily with heavy sacks on their shoulders, until the
spectacular natural event does not turn at the end.

I was born in Pietrasante (Lucca) on Aug. 29,1979 and I currently live in Lucca where I work as a restorer of cultural goods.
In 2015 I obtained a master in photojournalism and documentary photography at “Fondazione studio Marangoni” in Florence.
Sensitive to the communication through the artistic expression, I discovered my passion for the photography just few years ago.
Togheter with my innate curiosity as a traveler who I am, photography changed my life giving her a deep meaning.
Travelling and transmitting traditions and emotions by a picture means offering an emotional and cultural heritage for the posterity, fixing the memory of the humanity’s roots; as far as I’m concerned travelling is the most powerful way of knowledge.
I’m particularly keen on the anthropologic and environmental aspects and I really love the world and anything which is part of it. With my photographs I try to capture the sensations given by light which involves everything.
The human being and his traditions, all around the world even in the most remote corners of the planet, deeply fascinates me.
Now you’re offering the experience of witnessing a dream.
“I personally consider this world just like a great book full of stories which I’m just trying to attach some illustrations”.

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