/ 2017 / Book / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Bronze in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Roman De Giuli, Germany

„Organic“ is a series of five macro photographs which are
exclusively made out of ink and fluids reacting in a petri dish. The
figures shown are very tiny and it is a complex process creating
these kind of vivid paintings which transform fast from one shape
to another. For composing the images, a variety of colors and
fluids of different quality is filled in syringes and then carefully
dropped on the surface. The reactions reveal a plurality of organic
patterns, shapes and figures. In case of "Radiolaria", they may
remind one of the monographs of Ernst Haeckel.

The images are presented “as they are”, only slightly retouched by
removing dust and fluff. The photographer does not make use of
digital composition or montaging methods.