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little dancers

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    Silver in Book Proposal (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Silke Tüxen
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It took me a while to decide what to write about my dandelion photos:
The simplicity of the motifs gives the observer the opportunity to explore
his or her own sentiments. The intention behind the photo is to arouse
our inner senses.

Photography is not her profession but her passion.
Hamburg-based photographer Silke Tüxen creates her own reality through artistically composed macro and architecture photographs.
Tüxen has shown her work in numerous exhibitions, photobooks, magazines and has received honors in many photo contests around the world.

Awards 2018 EPSON pano Awards Bronze and Silver in the categories Built
Environment/Architecture with my images “Historical building,
Berlin” and “Watercastle, Hamburg”

2018 International Photography Awards / IPA 2018
honorable mention in the category Architecture-
Interiors with my image “New Register House-Dome of family
history, Edinburgh”

2018 mifa Moscow International Photography Awards
Bronze in the categories Fine Art-Still Life and

2018 FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards nominee´s in the categories
Architecture and Open Theme with my images "Look up" and "All of

2018 tifa Tokyo International Foto Awards
honorable mention in the category
Fine Art-Still Life with my image "Dreamcatcher

2017 ND Awards Neutral Density Photography Awards
honorable mention in the category "open theme" with my series
"little dancers"

2017 International Photography Awards / IPA 2017
honorable mention in the categories "Fine Art Still
Life" and "Micro" with my image "Dreamcatcher"

2017 mifa Moscow International Foto Awards:
honorable mention in the category Fine Art-Still Life
with my series "little dancers"

2017 Px3 - The Prix de la Photographie Paris Silver in
Book Proposal (series Only) / Fine Art with my
images "little dancers"

2016 International Photographer of the year:
honorable mention in the category open theme
with my image "little dancers"

2015 Three times Editors´ Choice on 500px with my
images "Little Golden Dancers",
"Little Dancers" and "Into The Light"