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Shizukesa (Part One)

"Shizukesa" is a Japanese word meaning "stillness." I contextualize
life unfolding through visual frames, like those I peered through as
a child seeking stillness in chaotic Tokyo. As an adult I journeyed
to reconcile with the loss of my dead father--a profound event for
a then-nineteen-year-old--while depicting the sense of distance I
felt. ​

What seems an ordinary subject-- an empty bus, a table in a
lounge, a mansion decorated for the holidays seen from a
streetcar, a hotel room, or a window display, in some cases "life"
itself-- through a combination of framing, light and moment, can
be beautiful, and sometimes even extraordinary. ​

Produced with digital cameras, with no staging or cropping, from
all over the world. This is five of many more photographs (from
2009~2016 and ongoing). Prints on archival inkjet.

I am a Japanese/Canadian photographer.
In 2015, I became a full-time photographer, having studied under National Geographic
photographer Sam Abell. Under Abell's mentorship.

I have been featured in photo magazines in the US (such as PDN) and Japan (Asahi Camera) and have had solo exhibitions in the US, Australia and Italy. In 2017 I was awarded a Critical Mass Top 50 award, and have received 3rd place honors as an amateur in the IPA awards for Fine Art Landscapes in 2018.

Awards 2018 IPA 3rd Place: Fine Art Landscape
2018 Review Santa Fe Top 100
2018 Tokyo International Foto Award: Bronze: Fine Art Landscape / Bronze: Nature/Seasons
2017 PX3: Silver: Fine Art / Silver: Monograph
2017 PDN: “The Curator” Best Landscape Series
2017 SilverEye Center for Photography: Commendation Award
2017 Sidney Zuber Photography Award: Honorable Mention
2016 Tokyo International Foto Award: Gold: Nature/Seasons