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There is a social phenomenon in Japan "Hikikomori" or "Shut-in"
referring to Japanese people locking themselves away in their
rooms. According to the Japanese government, there are more
than half a million of these social recluses. Why won't they rarely
leave the house? What's behind the emotional wall? I was intrigued
to find out.

1986 - Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Engineering.
1988 - Became a professional photographer, specializing in commercial photography, focused mainly on editorials, fashion and advertisement.
2006 - Exhibition at the Leica Gallery in Solms Germany, exhibiting "Polarization", the works of his hometown Hokkaido, Japan, chosen by Leica for their Photographic Diary.
2010 - Exhibition of the Uyghur related works, "Lineage" at Gt Moo Gallery in Niigata, Japan.
2011 - Exhibition of the Uyghur related works, "Lineage" at Nitehi Works in Yokohama, Japan.