/ 2017 / Portraiture / Children


A work, the one fulfilled by Graziano Panfili, that may contribute to inspire
men to be more
concerned in the relationship and keeping of their children, paying serious
attention to the public
awareness about this social problem: the bond between father and son after
the separation of
married couples and the aftermath in everyday life relationship
«From a personal standpoint – comments Panfili – to realize these shots, a
process of knowledge
has begun inside of me related to who I was and who I’ve become today: the
father I have become
and my emotional experiences. Working on the relationship with my son
showed me things I hadn’t
seen outside of a picture nor I hadn't felt. This exciting process grew in time
and developed through
the growth of my son and our relationship. The relationship itself may
become vehicle for a change:
when a matter reaches the awareness, then, you can't act as if nothing has