/ 2017 / Nature / Domestic Animals

The Dog Show

My name is Alexander and I am photographer based in Moscow, Russia. The conception of my works is focused on games - optical illusions, eye-tricks, word games, plays with different textures, styles, etc.

Awards - Moscow International Foto Awards 2018, Nature (The Dog Show), 1st Place
- 11th International Color Awards, Dogs Alike (Fashion), Honorable Mention
- PDN Faces 2017, Animal Portraits (Professional category), Winner
Trierenberg Super Circuit:
- 2016, Weird Beauty (Series and sequences), Gold Medal
- 2017, Dogs Alike (Series and sequences), Gold medal
Prix De La Photographie, Paris (PX3):
- 2017, Fashion/Advertising (Dogs Alike series), Gold
- 2017, Professional Nature/Domestic Animals (The Dog Show), Silver
International Photography Awards (IPA):
- 2015, Fine Art/Portrait (Shapes and illusions series), Honorable Mention
- 2016, Fine Art/Portrait (Wild Soldiers), 3rd place
Fine Art Photography Awards 2016 - Conceptual category, Shapes and illusions series, Nominee
Neutral Density Photography Awards (ND Awards) 2015 - Fine Art (Shapes and illusions), 3rd place
One Eyeland Photography Awards:
- 2015, Fine Art/Portrait (Shapes and illusions series), 2nd place
- 2016, Fine Art/Portrait, People/Portrait, Editorial/War/Conflict (Wild Soldiers), 3rd place