/ 2017 / Nature / Trees


  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Trees
  • Photographer
    Britt Arnett, United States
  • Studio
    The Argus Image

The trees that grow on top of the Beachy Head cliffs of Eastbourne, in the United Kingdom,
all face the same direction. They become bent over by the wind. Something about this
moment gave me pause as I walked thorugh the gold fields near East Dean, compelling me to
take out my camera. The tree, still stong enough not to fall over by the wind, has a
stillness about it that I found to be beautiful, quiet and serene.

Awards I began my photography company, The Argus Image in 2013. I have worked for photographers such as Norman Seeff and in t.v. and film besides many incredible talents. I have won multiple wedding photography awards but I have not really pursued my wildlife and nature photography for competition until this year as my business had taken over. Traveling and documenting nature is my passion and why I am submitting my work now. Thank you.