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A refugee childhood

Idomeni, on the northern borders of Greece, became a transit site
for refugee families fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
But in March 2016, the borders closed and thousands of people
were left trapped and waiting. Living in tents and makeshift
shelters, nights were cold and dark. Time passed slowly, spent
queuing for food or communal bathrooms. Yet children, many of
whom are grieving and traumatised having witnessed
unimaginable horrors, still found reason to smile. A skipping rope,
a used balloon or some music from a volunteer's phone would
rekindle their innocence and glee. They waited in Greece, hoping
for a safe place to live and the chance to go to school and sleep in
a warm, clean bed. Over a year later, some families are still waiting
for the EU to let them in so they can restart their lives.

I am a multimedia journalist, photographer and videographer with thirteen years of global experience.

Specialising in humanitarian emergencies and global development, I report on complex issues with compassion, raising awareness of the global refugee crisis, the impacts of climate change and survival in the wake of disasters.

I aim to showcase unheard voices to tell compelling stories, passionately promoting the rights of women, children, the indigenous and the marginalised.

Awards My images have been awarded a silver medal in the Prix de la Photographie 2017 and six honorable mentions in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 International Photography Awards. I am also one of the winners of the Magenta Flash Forward Emerging Photographers Competition 2018.