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Labyrinth, The Caves of St. John

The work explores the strength and resilience found in the ritual
forms and rites of Haitian Vodou. I was not documenting a
particular religion, but instead the great depth of cathartic human
emotion possible in its desire for transcendence. For the
devotional ceremonies are always in measure to the difficult
existence found in Haiti. In this way, Haitian Vodou is an act of
affirmation in the face of hellish adversity.

Troi Anderson is a fine art, documentary photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Troi began his career working in Magnolia Pictures and later, as a Merchant Marine sailing throughout Asia and the South Pacific. His work has been featured on CNN, GeoFrance, TIME Lightbox, The Oregonian, Black and White and the photo collective, Verve. Troi's photography has been exhibited in the Blue Sky Drawers program and has been named one of the Emerging Artists by Daniel Cooney Fine Art and Musee Magazine.

Awards Collections

Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego


2018 IPA International Photography Awards

A Deeper Perspective

2018 Communication Arts Photography Annual 59

2018 American Photography 34

2018 Palm Springs Photography Festival,

Featured Screening

2017 International Photography Awards

3rd Place, Traditions and Cultures

Honorable Mention, Portraits

2017 Sony World Photography Awards, Commended

2016 American Photography 32

2015 Critical Mass Top 50

2015 International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention, Traditions and Culture

Honorable Mention, Culture

Honorable Mention, Landscapes

Honorable Mention, Night Photography

2015 Palm Springs Photography Festival

Featured Screening, Songs of the Spirit

Featured Screening, Software Fictions

2015 PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris

Gold Winner, First Place. Press/Feature Story

Gold Winner, First Place. Press

Honorable Mention. Press/ Feature Story

2015 PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris, White Competition

Gold Winner, First Place. Documentary

Bronze Winner, Third Place. Documentary

Honorable Mention. Documentary

2014 Musee Magazine, Emerging Artist

2014 International Photography Awards

2nd place, People and Culture

Honorable Mention, People and Culture

Honorable Mention, Traditions and Cultures

2014 PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris

Silver Winner, 2nd place. Feature Story Category

Silver Winner, 2nd place. Feature Story Category

Silver Winner, 2nd Place. Travel/Tourism Category

2014 Smithsonian Magazine Photography Awards, finalist

2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Commended top 30 Photographers

2014 Aperture Summer Open, exhibition winner

2014 Kiku International Mountain Summit Photography Awards, finalist

2014 Professional Photographer Magazine, Photographer of the Year, finalist