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Human Towers in Catalonia

Human towers have been one of the most important cultural traditions in the region of
Catalonia, in Spain, for more than 200 years and have become part of the identity of
Catalan people. “Strength, balance, courage and common sense” is their motto. One of the
biggest human tower competitions in the world is named "Concurs de Castells” and takes
place only once every two years in the city of Tarragona with the participation of teams
from all around the region. Each team builds its own human towers, which are between six
and ten levels high. For their success, a crowded and stunning base of hundreds of people
needs to be previously perfectly set up.

Documentary photographer and filmmaker born in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) who lived in Cardiff and Barcelona. His latest works have been published on international media such as National Geographic Magazine, Red Bull TV, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, Traveler Magazine of China, The Guardian, GEO Magazine and Daily Mail, among others. His projects have been also awarded at the International Photography Awards, the Travel Photographer of the Year and the Seoul International Short Film Festival, in Korea, among others. David is currently based in Catalonia working on personal an

Awards 2019. Tokyo International Foto Awards. 1st place. Japan.
2017. Siena International Photo Awards. Remarkable Award (x2). Italy.
2017. One Eyeland Photography Awards. Photographer of the year (People). "The sky of human towers". India.
2016. Moscow International Photography Awards - MIFA. "The sky of human towers". 1st Place category winner. Russia.
2016. Magnum Photography Awards 2016. "The sky of human towers". Among top-rated entries.
2014. Kontinent Awards. "The Human Towers" project. Grand Winner. Turkey.
2014. Oasis Photo Contest. 3rd Place category "Gente e popoli". Italia.
2014. Ara-FineArt. Awarded. Catalonia, Spain.
2013. IPA Top Picks. "The sky of human towers". Spain 3rd Top pick 2013. L.A. United States.
2013. Travel Photographer of the Year. Awarded in "Extraodinary one-shot" category. United Kingdom.
2013. Travel Photographer of the Year. Finalist in "Monochromal" category. United Kingdom.
2013. IPA Awards. "The sky of Human Towers", Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards. Los Angeles, United States.

Work featured in: National Geographic, GEO Magazine, Red Bull, Air Berlin, The Times, Daily Telegraph, KLM airlines, The Sunday Times, El Periódico de Catalunya, Marie Claire, Traveler Magazine of China, The Guardian, Huffington Post, La Stampa, La Vanguardia, Chinanews, Daily Mail, Turkish Airlines SkyLife, among others.