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Pumping iron in Russia

Bodybuilding. In the Soviet period, the type of athletics known as
"bodybuilding" was not welcomed by official institutions as
"wrong", as opposed to the "right" weight lifting included in the
Olympic program. But people everywhere, from small towns in the
far North-East, in Siberia, in Moscow or at the foot of the Caucasus
Mountains, persisted by going to the "sweat boxes", equipped in
the cellars, to "build a body." Jammed western magazines with
images of unrealistically muscled male and female bodies passed
from hands to hands. An additional impetus to this semi-legal
sport took off even more with the growth of Arnold
Schwarzenegger's popularity. Today, when the ban is lifted,
bodybuilding popularity has not diminished. The only difference is
that some of the clubs moved from the basements into modern
fitness centers, although the basement "iron-pumping" remains.

Born in Stavropol, Russia, in 1974. Eduard Korniyenko became a professional photographer in 2000.

At present Korniyenko is a full-time photo-correspondent for regional news agency Pobeda26 and a REUTERS Contractor Photographer.

His work as a photojournalist has focused on developments in Northern Caucasus, which has experienced ethnic and intercultural conflict and political and economic instability.

Awards 2017 – SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, United Kingdom, Sport category, 2nd Prize.
2017 – FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award) in 3rd edition, Photojournalism category, Nominee, London, UK.
2017 – Kolga Tbilisi Photo, documentary category, Georgia, Finalist.
2017 - PX3 PRIX LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, Prize Bronze in Press / Sports category, France.
2017 – MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), Sport category, Silver Prize, Moscow, Russia.
2017 - Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Landscape / Nature, Finalist, Osnabrück, Germany.
2017 – IPA 2017 (Russia), Photography of Year, Winner, LA, USA.
2017 – The Exposure Award, Winner, USA.
2017 - PhotogrVphy Grant, Photojournalism, Nominee, London, UK.
2017 - The Chealsea International Photography Competition, New York, USA.
2017 - IPA 2017, International Photographer of the Year, Finalist, LA, USA.
2017 - Siena International Photo Awards, Story Telling, Remarkable Award, Siena, Italy.
2017 - ND Photography Awards 2017, Editorial, 1st, 3rd places and Honarable mention awards, USA.
2017 - Chromatic Awards, Honorable Mention: Portrait, Sports, Street, Wildlife and Animals, USA.
2018 - Balkan Photо Festival, 1st place Mobile photography, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2018 - IPOTY 2017 (International Photographer of the Year), Photo Essay/Story (Professional) and Sports (Professional) Honorable mention, London, UK.
2018 - International Color Awards, People category, Nominee, CA, USA.
2018 - Tokyo Foto Awards 2017, People category, Silver, Tokyo, Japan.
2018- FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award) in 4th edition, Photojournalism and Street Photography categories, Nominee, London, UK.
2018 - ASPA (Alghero Street Photography Awards), Documentary, Semi-finalist, Alghero, Italy.
2018 - Royal Photography Society, Shortlist, UK.
2018 – MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), Editorial-Photo Essay, Honarable mention, Moscow, Russia.
2018 - PX3 PRIX LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, Prize Silver in Press / Feature Story category, France.