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Life After Genocide: Reverien, Rwanda

Recently, I got the chance to meet up with Révérien at his place in
Switzerland. He has lived here for a long time and has a Swiss
passport. He tells me that, his place, his home, is here, in
Switzerland. Not so strange maybe. On April 20th 1994, 43
members of his closest family was brutally murdered in the
Rwandan genocide, in front of his eyes. Just luck, perhaps, saved
him from dying. He did lose an arm, an eye and was stabbed in the
face, at the back of his head, in the chest, on the shoulder and
some other places. We visited his home village of Mugina, in Rwanda together as well in order to make a series of portraits. You can read his entire story in his book that he published in 2006. It is available in French, English, Polish and Swedish.