/ 2017 / Press / Feature Story

Terminal Stop of Hope

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Feature Story
  • Photographer
    Ali Nouraldin, Germany
  • Studio

The refugee children from Syria live in an open area next to the
borders in Eidomeni with only protection from the rain and the
cold their small tent.
Edomeni is now worldwide known for a sad reason. 12.500
refugees, among them in the majority children, are stuck on the
borders between Greece and Macedonien
Every day the people and especially the children get ill due to
the hard conditions. Holding a great hope while waiting for the
possibility of crossing the borders to reach inside Europe.They
would wait on the line for hours just to receive a map showing
the road to Europe. Playing in front of the tents to make reality
more bare-able or watching a movie in a open area cinema
brought in the campus only for the children.
Their hope is to have a home again and their biggest dream to
be able to go to school.