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Vogue Accessory. Save the Date.

These image are part of a serie and the cover of Vogue Accessory
inspired by upcoming cultural events throughout the world.
The theme of Vogue Accessory’s fabulous winter issue is cultural
events taking place throughout the world over the first four
months of the year—everything from art exhibitions in Paris, New
York, and DC, to an ice festival in China and a trasmediale festival
in Berlin.

Awards 2012
PDN Annual, editorial category, New York.

Prix de la photographie Paris, winner in fine art/still life and Advertising automotive.
IPA International Photography award. Honorable mention in editorial and Advertising automotive.

Mobius Award, Photographer of the Year.

IPA International Photography award. 1 st place Advertising food.
Honorable mention in Fine Art portrait, Fine Art landscape and Advertising product.

Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers, 2008/09, Cover.

IPA International Photography award, 1st and 2nd place Advertising automotive .
Prix de la photographie Paris, winner in 4 categories.
PDN Annual, advertising category,New York.
Communication Arts.
International Color Award, London, winner in advertising.

IPA International Photography award, 1st place advertising calendar and 2nd place in advertising