/ 2017 / Book / Nature

Alpine Strukturen

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/Nature
  • Photographer
    Ingo Rasp is a photographer specialised in architecture and documentaries with the focus on outdoor-sports and alpine landscapes. With a special emphasis on interior spaces, mountains and humans, he works on commercial assignments and also pursues his own projects. Through his background as an architect and by working in that profession for several years he sharpened his eye for the fine interplay of spatial structures, proportions and details which constitute a stage for the most imaginative scenes of our everyday lives. As an avid climber and alpinist he is allowed to see the most magnificent landscapes and alpine regions and the interactions between humans and nature. Behind his lens he is passionate about exposing those authentic moments of life and the happiness that people draw from them., Switzerland
  • Studio
    Ingo Rasp Photography

Alpine Structures is a documentary showcasing the magnificence
of alpine landscapes captured in their multifaceted appearance
and abstract elegance.

Photographs in black & white or subtle colouring focus on the
tranisence and changing of alpine regions under the influence of a
changing climate.