/ 2017 / Book / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Silver in Book (Series Only)/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Jacek Kołodziejski, Poland

The project "Freckle/s" sums up the process of formal exploration
that started ten years ago: “Ten years ago, I placed an order with
the Division of Control and Robotics in Poznan - to cut a perfect
square in a metal plate. I placed the square on the photographic
paper and exposed it. I repeated that process one thousand times,
exposing paper after paper. Each image served as a negative to
the next. As a result of that experiment, I discovered the potential
of the perfect figure and its organic shape”, describes
This conceptual experiment initiated a formal exploration on
the level of various media - painting, installation, sculpture – and
became a leitmotif that comes back in artist’s various projects:
represented by a figure-stain, figure-mole, figure-stigmat, or
figure-freckle. It finally becomes an ironic commentary or a self-
portrait of the artist.

Awards Jacek Kołodziejski works as a photographer, he also creates films and installations. His works were exhibited in Poland (Raster Gallery, Center of Contemporary Art) and abroad, at international exhibitions: International Photo Festival in Arles, the Month of Photography in Bratislava. He won numerous awards in Poland, including in KTR contest (most prestigious advertising competitions in Poland), In 2016, he received the PDN Photo Annual award, PDN The Look: Where Fashion Meets Art, and was listed on the 1st place in the IPOTY 2016 contest.