/ 2017 / Book / Fine Art

Until I Break

Thomas Sing: UNTIL I BREAK
– an archeology of desire –
Self published limited edition book of 300, signed, numbered &
144 pages of previously unreleased images and texts
linen hard-cover with gold embossing, Swiss binding, gilt edged
measurements: 33.3x24.7x2.2 cm

Inscription and intensity, memory and desire, lines and
disruptions, blanks, abysses...

Thomas Sing's first book comes to grips with the intellectual
and artistic references of more than two decades. It is an open
invitation to hunt down their traces, a visual journey, just as
tender as it is violent. By no means an anthology but a
completely original work coming full-circle, providing a base for
his new projects to dock onto.

With all its images shot on film, and its texts flashing through,
Until I Break sets memories free, just to sweep them away. In
their up-lighting, yet even more in their fading, they refer
straight to that inner experience to which Sing's newest works
are aiming.

All through my life I have been seeking to transcend my body and my mind through all sorts of experiences – physically, intellectually, ritually.

An almost innate discipline paired with an obsessive nature fuels this search to this day into my artistic practice.

To go deeper is to experience new things, is to learn new ways to share the experience with others.

Therefore my artistic practice is both insular and communioning, both of the soul and the flesh.

Awards 2017 Px3 (category: book fine art) for Until I Break (limited edition collector's book)
2013 Px3 (category: fine art) for La Méditation (200x140 cm, fresco print on plaster and canvas)