/ 2017 / Book / Documentary

When your soul sees...

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/Documentary
  • Photographer
    Cheng Chang Kuo, Taiwan
  • Studio
    Activator Marketing Co., Ltd

Traveling exerts enormous influence on me. It should be a
concept, instead of a question of “how to practice”. To me, what
is important about traveling lies not in which place, country or
space you go to, but which state of mind you find yourself in. I
regard an open mind as the most critical in a journey. Such
things as adjustment to the environment, emotional
transformation, and expectations for what will lay before your
eyes all construct your philosophy of photography bit by
bit.Every experience can grow into a seed of new understanding,
and everything that has moved you along the way in become
nutrients of your life. Both will gradually and ultimately shape
yours language of photography. Traveling is my way to broaden
my horizons, which I think is integral to my philosophy of life.

A highly talented freelance photographer with an acclaimed reputation for producing superior quality imagery

precisely and intuitively capturing the personality and soul of subject matters; known to renowned clients across

the entertainment, performing arts and advertising industries as well as non-profit sector.

Awards IPOTY2016/People-Travel First Place IPOTY2016/Honorable mentioned