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    Silver in Advertising/Self-Promotion, Gold in Book (Series Only)/Documentary
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    Karolina Wojtasik works in New York, Los Angeles and across the globe. Most recently she shot her signature portrait series in Siberia, Africa, and India. She specializes in Portraits, Entertainment, Advertising and commissioned photography. Her work has been featured in key art campaigns for leading television networks and magazines. She has photographed countless celebrities and her portraits are featured in high-end personal collections. In 2012, she was selected to show her “India” series at the world renowned Art Basel in Miami and was featured in a solo show with Gallery I/D. Her work is part of a permanent collection at the prominent Martin Z. Marguilies Collection in the Wynwood Art District in Miami. Karolina graduated from the International Center of Photography. Born in Warsaw, Poland, she resides in Brooklyn, NY. , United States
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A national symbol of Argentina, present-day Gauchos live nearly
identical lifestyles to those of their ancestors three centuries ago.
This lonely, nomadic lifestyle consists of living off the land and the
cattle that they tend.

As I continue to explore South American cultures, my focus is to
find and document communities continuing to live in a manner
that is connected to the earth on which they live, mirroring their
parent cultures of the past. The Gauchos project is a extension of
my Runa Simi from last year in that I further explore a culture of
indigenous herders. However,my approach to color, tones and
lighting were a bit different for the Gauchos; I employ muted tones
and desaturated lighting as a means of articulating the isolated,
solitary nature of their life's work.

Awards Lucie Award
Doho Award
44th annual communication arts 2 Gold Awards Advertising