/ 2017 / Advertising / Food

Edible Idioms

Exploring idioms through the use of intricate food illustrations, combined with
individually designed type face for each image and photographically interpreted to
complete the idea.

Beth Galton is a photo-based artist, with an educational background in the natural sciences and 30 years of experience as a professional photographer in the editorial and commercial world. Her personal practice brings these elements of her history together, using them to explore her world through the nature of time and organic forms. Galton collects objects, items from her past and botanicals which she often manipulates and dries to constructs still lifes. These assemblages and portraits connect the viewer to the ecological cycles of the natural world, including their own aging and mortality.

2021 IMA Next-Life-Shortlist
2021 AIAP- Chosen
2021 SE Center- Memory
2021 Davis Orton Gallery
2021 16 Pollux Award-Honorable Mention, Still Life
2021 Graphis
2020 15 Pollux Award-Honorable Mention, Still Life & Fine Art
2020 15 Julia Margaret Cameron Award-Honorable Mention, Still Life & Fine Art
2020 NYC4PA, NY- Decay-Juror’s Selection
2020 NYC4PA, NY- From a Seed-Honorable Mention
2020 Communications Arts- Stop Motion Video
2020 AI-AP American Photography 36 Chosen
2020 AI-AP Motion
2020 Communication Arts
2020 Graphis-Silver
2020 International Photography Award- 2nd place
2019 AI-AP- Book 35 Chosen
2019 Graphis Photograpy Annual- Gold
2019 IPA Awards- Honorable Mention
2019 Tokyo International Foto Awards- Honorable Mention
2019 Center Santa Fe reviews
2018 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards- Honorable Mention- Fine Art Series and Still Life
2018 IPA Awards- First Place
2018 PDN Taste Awards- First Place
2018 Graphis Photography Annual - Gold and Silver
2018 Communication Arts Photography Annual