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Collapsible Shoulder

Forty years after they cut their teeth in the downtown clubs of a
decaying New York City, these virtuoso musicians still show up
every night. In the clubs with no name on the door, in the
neighborhoods that have long ago priced them out, they play. For
the joy, for the music, to live.

I've been making images (of all shape) for twenty-five years. What connects my life experiences to what I do professionally is my profound and un-quenched curiosity to observe and nurture what's human in all of us. Photography gives me permission, a license to visit the lives of others, the courage to really meet the people I photograph, and the passion to observe and honor the most intimate of our human experiences and emotions. I call it "visual breathing."

Awards 2020 TIFA - Bronze (Editorial/Conflict) “Good Trouble”

2020 IPA - Honorable Mention (Event-Social Cause) “Good Trouble”

2020 IPA - Honorable Mention (People-Traditions/Culture) “Good Trouble”

2019 TIFA - Bronze (People/Portrait) “The Lincoln Dress”

2019 IPA - 2nd Place (Analog / Film, Portrait) “The Lincoln Dress”

2019 IPA - Honorable Mention (Fine Art / Portrait) “A trans*formative time”

2019 PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) - Honorable Mention (Fine Art / People) “The Lincoln Dress”

2018 IPA - Honorable Mention (Advertising / Music) “Noree Chamber Soloists”

2018 IPA - Honorable Mention (People / Children) “Anonymous”

2017 TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) - Silver (Advertising / Music)

2017 PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) - Bronze (Advertising / Music)

2017 MIFA (Moscow International Foto Award) - Silver (Fine Art / Still Life)

2017 MIFA - Silver (Editorial / Personality) "Taboo: The Fight"

2017 MIFA - Bronze (Advertising / Music)

2017 IPA (International Photography Awards) - 2 x Honorable Mention (Architecture) "Oz" & "The Highline

2017 IPA - 2 x Honorable Mention (Fine Art) "Oz" & "Mimi"

2017 IPA - Honorable Mention (Portrait)

2016 TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) - Bronze (Advertising / Food)

2016 IPA - Family of Man - Honorable Mention