/ 2017 / Advertising / Product


Commissioned by Sneakers Magazine.
This work has been made by exploding different coloured glass around the subject.
The movement of the glass has been captured using high speed
flash and specialised trigger equipment.

I am a still life award winning photographer with 20 years experience in the industry. I specialising in freeze motion photography.

Awards 2022 New York photography awards. Gold
2022 15th International Color Awards. 3rd Place - Honor of Distinction
2021 14th International Color Awards. Honorable Mention
2019 12th International Color Awards. Honorable Mention
2018 11th International Color Awards. 1st Place - Outstanding Achievement in Advertising.
2017 PX3. Paris Photo Prize competition. Gold in Professional Advertising Product catalogue
2012 Grand Prize Winner of The Banff Mountain Photography Competition