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Beyond the difficulties of just being being in a completely different
environment where movement is challenged, communication is
limited, and breathing requires external devices, there's something
magical about being in water. As this series has developed, I've
been drawn to the more etherial images, ones that seem to have a
quiet contemplation about them, an almost womb-like
peacefulness while in a world that requires so much attention just
to survive. I think we all have this place inside us that we retreat
too when we're overwhelmed and we just need to mentally take a

Atlanta-based photographer, Nate Dorn is a digital artist, director, editor, improvisor, & all-around creative idea guy. For over a decade Dorn has worked as a professional in the commercial and film world as well as having gallery shows around the country for his photo work.

Nate's style developed during his creative collaborations with his brother Travis Dorn, they were also influenced by their mother, who is a professional artist and spent much of their youth in and around their father's used book stores that sold lots of records and comics. As the DornBrothers, they build a reputation for making dark comedic work and era driven imagery with a strong emphasis on narrative and characters.
Dorn's work is often described as having a "cinematic" feel to it, like a single frame cut from a motion picture that can tell an entire story or will ask, what on earth brought us to this point?
Nate has written and directed TV spots on local and national levels, worked as a creative director for brand development and social media marketing, served as an Atlanta APA board member, has taught photoshop and portrait classes, as well as worked on many multi-level ad campaigns over the years, but it's Dorn's vintage style, laid back demeanor, ever-changing facial hair and occasional bathrobe appearance that makes him fun and easy to work with.


Awards * PX3 2017 - Silver Winner - Beauty Category
* RED - Honorable Mention
-APA National 3rd place Beauty
-PDN's People's choice
-IPA 10 Honorable Mentions
Other various awards.